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Jesters Kids Club is a Community Interest Company. This CIC format comes under the umbrella of a Social Enterprise, which is 'a business that is engaged in some form of trading, but it trades primarily to support a social purpose'.

Like any enterprise, Jesters aims to generate a small surplus, but our intention is to reinvest any surplus principally into the business or the community to enable us to deliver our social objectives and values. Any profits generated are devoted to sustaining and enhancing our club in particular by investment in play equipment, activities, garden and building upkeep.

Mission Statement

This statement outlines the services that children, parents/carers and the community can expect from Jesters, and the values that inform our work:

Jesters aims to:

  • Provide a happy, safe, warm and stimulating environment for all children to play, learn and develop freely.
  • Help children to develop responsibility for themselves and their actions and to become competent, confident, independent and co-operative individuals.
  • Encourage children to have a positive attitude and respect for both themselves and other people.
  • Promote a positive relationship with parents/carers and work in partnership with them to provide high quality play and care for their children.
  • Offer inclusive services that are accessible to all children in the community.
  • Undergo regular monitoring and evaluation of our services to ensure that the Club continues to meet the needs of children and parents/carers.

Jesters is committed to meeting the needs of parents and carers by:

  • Listening and responding to their views and concerns.
  • Keeping them informed of our policies and procedures, including opening times, fees and charges, and programmes of activities.
  • Sharing and discussing their child’s achievements, experiences, progress and friendships, along with any difficulties that may arise.

Jesters is committed to providing:

  • Care and activities that put the needs and safety of children first.
  • A programme of activities that is interesting, educational, stimulating and fun.
  • Activities that promote each child’s social, physical, moral and intellectual development.
  • Access to a variety of facilities and equipment under safe and supervised conditions.
  • A staff team that is experienced, well trained and properly supported.
  • Services that meet the conditions of the Children’s Act 1989 and all other relevant childcare legislation, wherever they apply.
  • An environment where no child is bullied or suffers discrimination in any form.

Our Team

Alison Alma Emma Sarah Philip Sophie Paula Lauren Angie Tiffaney

"The summer is great, there's stacks of outside space with play equipment including a trampoline and paddling pool. Jesters provides each child with a stimulating and happy environment."
J Dolphin (Parent)

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